Hang-out and Get in shape Hang-out and Get in shape
Hi! Brother & Sister?! We are going to workout together every Saturday! If you want to join! please join our open Kakao https://open.kakao.com/o/gmYRmImd Group Chat Code  nogiveup  Place - Kuta Gym (낙성대) (we affiliate with  Kuta Gym so we are able to hold more than 5 people in the gym.)   [네이버 지도] 크로스핏 쿠타짐 서울 관악구 인헌길 14 지하1층 쿠타짐 http://naver.me/FIJF0k4L  Time - 2PM- 4PM \u2705 Materials -Mask -Water bottle -Workout shoes -"let's have fun" mind! Cost - Free! What kind of workout (HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training) - team game - stretching - Individual Workout - Team of 2 or 3 Workout \u274c Don't Be Late! We open this workout session not only for your shape but also for your exciting life in Seoul! we want to share nice Energy! so Let's work hard and hang out together! Every Monday we are going to take a vote to see who is coming on Saturday! (It's limited spots so plz vote early!) It's all free for a limited time! (except for certain workout sessions) Coach is based on Crossfit and he teaches Crossfit for 5 years! (Expert!) Heatmate HIIT HeadCoach Crossfit Kuta Gym Athlete& Coach Crossfit Volcano Coach Crossfit steampunk Coach 1st Crossfit ChungChun Throwdown 3rd Event1 2019 Asia Fittest Team Challenge in Samcheok 2rd Event5 2019 Asia Fittest Team Challenge in Samcheok We are going to hang out during weekdays too! come out! -Running -Mountain Climbing -Drop-in workout, -Out-door workout -Event classes If you like our workout program Bring your friends! An only a limited number of people can join this open chat room! Any questions plz let Dan knows!  0507-1389-1399 \u2705We strictly follow quarantine guideline. \u2705  \u2640Before and after the session, we restrict shower rooms. \u26a0Temperature & QR code must be checked We are not going recommend you to have a group meeting after the session \u26a0If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, Please not attend the events for others and you!  
Are you looking for an English-Speaking handyman? Are you looking for an English-Speaking handyman?
Need a professional handy man who speaks English? Please contact HelloHandyMan! Name : Sean Kim Phone : 010-4148-1476 Email : 528mark@gmail.com Instagram ID : hellohandyman (☞ https://instagram.com/hellohandyman?igshid=1k9m7n77011t5)